AirBag light B2290 – 2007-2009 Mazda CX9

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2007-2009 CX-9AIR BAG INDICATOR ON / B2290 SET



2007-2009 CX-9 vehicles with VIN lower than JM3TB******158557 (built before April 23, 2008)


Air bag indicator illuminates and DTC B2290 is set WITHOUT any of the listed “Possible Cause” items present as shown in MS3 or the Workshop Manual diagnostic information for B2290.

  • B2290 Seat weight sensor signal malfunction


Excessive static electricity on the passenger seat may generate an electrical current in any of the wire harnesses underneath the seat due to the effects of electrostatic induction – this is normal.

A spike in current larger than normal may run through the communication line between the seat weight sensor and the SAS control module.

This current may damage the seat weight sensor communication circuit located in the SAS control module causing DTC B2290 to set. As a mass-production change the SAS control module has been modified to handle this spike in current.


  1. Perform the diagnosis procedure for B2290.
    • If the diagnostic procedure identifies and repairs the cause of DTC B2290, no further action needed.
    • If the diagnostic procedure does not identify and repair the cause of the DTC, go to STEP 2.
  2. Replace the SAS Control Module with a modified one.




Part Number Description Qty. Notes
TD11-57-K30D SAS Unit 1


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