DTC C1001 for Forward Sensing Camera (FSC) – 2014-2016 Mazda

Some vehicles may have DTC C1001:92 stored in memory. DTC C1001:92 sets as a past record for low visibility of the Forward Sensing Camera (FSC). It does not mean there is an actual FSC defect.

  • In some cases the customer may have a concern with the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and/or High Beam Control system (HBC).
  • In other cases this DTC might be found without a related customer concern.


If the vehicle has this DTC, DO NOT replace the FSC. Read below.

The vehicle might store DTC C1001:92 and stop the FSC function while driving under the following conditions:

  1. At night, when there is NO artificial lighting such as a traffic signal, street light or reflective surfaces.
  2. When direct or reflected sunlight makes forward visibility difficult (Backlight).
  3. When it’s hard to see the traffic lane due to a wet or snow covered road reflecting lights.
  4. When visibility is poor in front of the vehicle due to fog.
  5. When driving on a road without markings.
  6. In conditions where the windshield fogs easily.

If the customer has concerns regarding the LDWS and/or HBC malfunction, confirm when the issue first happened. If the issue happened during one of the driving conditions above, explain the following 2 items to the customer.

  • The FSC stops the LDWS and/or HBC functions temporarily when the FSC can’t recognize the traffic lane or decides the front view is obstructed.
  • This is not a failure of the FSC, the system is disabled to avoid unintended operation.

NOTE: In the case of HBC, make sure the customer is using the system correctly and is aware of when it will and will not turn on the high beams.
The HBC system switches to low beam when:

  • You are approaching a vehicle or a vehicle is approaching in the opposite direction.
  • Driving on roads lined with street lights or well-lit cities and towns.
  • At speeds lower than 12 mph (20 km/h).

Forward Sensing Camera (FSC)


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