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Multi-model – (with active driving display)

Active Driving Display Caution (Update)


Some customers may claim that it is impossible or difficult to view the Active Driving Display, even if the position of the display is adjusted through the Settings screen. This is caused by an incorrectly learned zero-point (closed position) of the Active Driving Display. The main reason this happens is because an object (e.g. gloves, paper, etc. ) was placed in the storage area where the mirror and optical receiver are housed.

If an object is detected (i.e., jammed) when the Active Driving Display closes after switching the ignition OFF, the system determines this as abnormal and stops the closing operation, leaving the Active Driving Display in an open position. When the engine is started the next time, correction of the zero-point is automatically performed. If the object is still in the storage area during the correction, the system learns the incorrect position as the zero-point. As a result, the zero-point position largely deviates from the standard position; therefore, it becomes impossible to view the Active Driving Display from the normal view position.


Active Driving Display


  • Do not turn off the ignition switch with objects placed in the storage area of the Active Driving Display. It will cause incorrect learning of the zero-point (closed position).
  • Do not force open or close the Active Driving Display manually. If an object is jammed, remove the object, and NEVER force the Active Driving Display closed.



  1. Turn the ignition to OFF.
  2. Remove and then install the ROOM FUSE.
  3. Start the engine.
  4. Learning of the zero-point is automatically performed.

If necessary, conduct precise adjustment of the display position using the following procedure.

  1. Display “Home Screen” by pushing “Home Button“ button on the commander switch.

Home Button


  1. Select “Settings“ button on the home screen and display “Settings Screen”.

Settings Screen


  1. Select “ADD”.
  2. Select “HEIGHT”.
  3. Slide your finger in the desired direction.

+ Slide (Right): Display moves UPWARD.

– Slide (Left): Display moves DOWNWARD.

Slide your finger in the desired direction


  1. If the desired display position has been determined, enter it by pressing the commander button.

commander button

MAZDA MAZDA3 2014-2016


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