4621B – Power Liftgate may Partially Lower – 2020-2021 Mazda CX-30

February 18, 2021 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 21V086000

Power Liftgate May Lower Unexpectedly

If the power liftgate unexpectedly lowers while a person is accessing the rear storage area of the vehicle, it can increase their risk of injury.


NHTSA Campaign Number: 21V086

Manufacturer Mazda North American Operations

Components STRUCTURE

Potential Number of Units Affected 13,857



Mazda North American Operations (Mazda) is recalling certain 2020-2021 CX-30 vehicles. When fully opened, the power liftgate may partially lower unexpectedly when the vehicle is parked facing uphill on a slope.



Mazda will notify owners, and dealers will update the power liftgate control module software and inspect the serial number of the power liftgate drive unit, replacing it if necessary, free of charge. The recall began April 8, 2021. Owners may contact Mazda customer service at 1-800-222-5500 option 4. Mazda’s number for this recall is 4621B.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.safercar.gov.


Check if your Mazda has a Recall


Recall Campaign 4621B

Safety Recall 4621B – 2020-2021 CX-30 Power Liftgate May Partially Lower Unexpectedly


Updated March 18, for additional clarity.



Verify that the vehicle is within the following ranges:

Models Subject VIN range Subject production date range


3MVDM**** LM 100116 – 140310

3MVDM**** MM 200017 – 232944

From October 1, 2019 through  November 24, 2020

The asterisk symbol “*” can be any letter or number.

  • If the vehicle is within the above ranges, proceed to Inspection and Repair Procedure
  • If the vehicle is not within the above ranges, return vehicle to the customer or inventory.

Perform a Warranty Vehicle Inquiry using your eMDCS System and inspect vehicle for Campaign Label Recall 4621B attached to the vehicle’s hood or bulkhead. Refer to eMDCS System – Warranty Vehicle Inquiry Results table below.

NOTE: Be sure to verify Recall number as the vehicle may have multiple Recall labels.


eMDCS System – Warranty Vehicle Inquiry Results:

If eMDCS displays: Campaign Label is: Action to perform:
RECALL 4621B OPEN Present Email Dealer Recall Help or Contact Warranty Hotline at (877) 727-6626 option 3 to update vehicle history.
Not present Proceed to “2. REPAIR PROCEDURE”.
RECALL 4621B CLOSED Present Return vehicle to inventory or customer.
Not present Proceed to “3. CAMPAIGN LABEL INSTALLATION”.
RECALL 4621B IS NOT PRESENT Does not apply Recall does not apply to this vehicle. Return vehicle to inventory or customer



Flow chart 

NOTE: Follow the repair instructions, reprogram module first then replace affected drive unit if applicable.




CAUTION:  The tool must be stored in your Mazda Tool Shed – any misplacement or failure to return the tool will result in a $1,000 charge to the dealer.  If your tool does not work, please fill out the Dealer Recall Help Form on MXConnect with the reason of tool failure AND the TOOL BARCODE # (see below).


Section B: Repair Procedure


Outline of Repair Procedure


A. Verify the LOT No. of the PLG drive units

B. Replace the affected PLG drive unit

1. Open the Liftgate and write down the 8 Digit Lot Number

2. There is a number (9 or 0 indicates year) followed by a letter (Indicates month) and 6 numbers. Input all 8 digits into the Lot Number calculator or an error will occur. Note: If there is no number before the letter, input 9 (2019 production).  Example : G050032 →9G050032

3. If the result is Not Affected replacement is not required. Reprogram power liftgate module with supplied SSPC5/4621B MDRT. This will be 96% of the vehicles.

4. If the result is Affected, write down the affected side Left, Right, or Both, Contact Dealer Recall Help with the Affected Lot number. They will verify and order the part. Proceed to MORT reprogramming and then to Replacement of the PLG Drive Unit “C”.


Remember to use the 4621B Lift Gate Lot Inspection Calculator


This is a different Calculator than the “Repair Calculator.”


Proceed to MDRT Programming


Service Caution for Reprogramming 

Do NOT touch the MDRT while Green or Blue light is blinking with frequent beep sound.

  • During reprogramming operation, center display and instrument cluster may blink. This is NOT abnormal.
  • If procedures are not followed, the MDRT can cause an error DTC before reprograming. If the tool is erased, you may have to perform other USB updates again.
  • DTC P:2610 may stored after reprogramming. Turn the engine-on and stay 5 seconds on idle. After then turn IG-OFF. Turn IG-ON and re-connect the MDRT. MDRT will erase the DT automatically.


NOTE:  Poor connection between the vehicle and MDRT and/or low voltage may result in abnormal termination and/or data corruption.


A. During reprogramming, connect the DCA8000 battery charger using the Reflash mode


Before reprogramming, pay attention to the vehicle condition and PC environment.


a. Turn off all the electrical loads, especially pay attention to A/C (blower), audio, rear defogger and headlights.


b. Perform self-test and verify no DTC is stored. If any DTC is stored, fix the concern and delete the DTC.


c. Disconnect all non-genuine aftermarket accessories.


PLG Power Lift Gate Programming


A. Reprogram the PLG (Power Lift Gate) Module

NOTE: If you suspect your MDRT Tool is bad or need an additional Tool, please contact Dealer Recall Help on MXConnect > Warranty with at least 1 VIN AND the Tool Barcode Number.


  1. Thoroughly read the service cautions on the prior pages to avoid module damage!





NOTE: If any of warning lamp illuminates or flashes in the instrument cluster, repair it according to the Workshop Manual before reprogramming using the MDRT for this campaign.


1. Switch the ignition to off.

2. Connect MDRT to the OBDII connector.

Note: Wait until the green/blue and the red LED turn on with “Ready” and “IG OFF” on the display,  go to next step.

3. Switch the ignition to on (Engine Off position)

4. Monitor the MDRT display.



  • The reprogramming needs approximately 30 minutes to complete. (Pulsing beeps will sound during the reprogramming)
  • When the reprogramming has successfully done, the display shows “Repro OK” and bottom row will illuminate intermittently, and the green or blue LED will be blinking.


LED lights show the configuration status.

*There are two LED types for MDRT.

1. Green & Red (Serial number up to 02217)

2. Blue & Red (Serial number after 02218)


Handling Caution

Take care when handling the MDRT tool to avoid damage

  • Avoid exposing it to high heat.
  • Avoid exposing it to water.

To avoid module damage during reprogramming.

  • Do not connect MDRT tool with the ignition on
  • Do not disconnect MDRT from OBDII connector.
  • Do not start engine.
  • Do not turn IG-Off.

Otherwise a module replacement may be required.



When performing reprogramming with an MDRT:

  • Verify that the room fuse is installed.
  • Turn off all electric-type loads such as air-conditioning or the audio system and then connect battery charger.
  • Do NOT touch the MDRT while Green or Blue light is blinking or when you hear a “beep” sound.
  • During the reprogramming operation, the center display and instrument cluster may blink, which is NORMAL.


#5. Turn the ignition off.


#6. Disconnect the MDRT.


Refer to troubleshooting chart if display reads other than REPRO_OK or SECUL_NG.

  • Do not disconnect until the ignition is off under any circumstance.
  • Do not turn off ignition until programming is complete.
  • Do not start vehicle during programming.


How to verify the reprograming results by display

Confirm that the display shows a message after completing reprogramming.



The number is related to the step number in the reprogramming procedure.

Text in bold mean the most possible cause.


No. Technician’s operation Vehicle status MDRT status LED status Beep sound Display
3-1 IG-ON IG-ON MDRT malfunction. G or B Off Continuously beeping Data Fail
R Illuminate
3-2 IG-ON with MDRT not securely connected IG-ON No power supplied. G or B Off No beep
R Off
4-1 IG-ON Not a subject vehicle MDRT can’t identify vehicle. MDRT performs only deleting DTC. G or B Off Continuously beeping VIN_NG
R Blinking at intervals of

1 sec



4-2 IG-ON IG-ON Batt. Voltage: 11 V or lower SOC: 75 % or lower Check battery voltage. Stop reprograming. G or B Off Continuously beeping Repro


R Blinking at intervals of

1 sec

4-3 Poor MDRT connection during reprograming IG-ON No power supplied. G or B Off No beep
R Off
4-4 Monitoring IG-ON Finish G or B Illuminate Pulsing beeps Rep Succ
MDRT reprograming DTCs have been detected R Blinking at intervals of

1 sec

4-5 IG-ON IG-ON Reprograming failed Verify reprograming result. G or B Off Continuously beeping Repro NG
R Illuminate XXXXX



In case of “No. 4-1”, verify the vehicle is subject to the SSPC5.

In case of “No. 3-1”, it may be caused by one of the following concerns: (see below)


  • Data in the Module is broken. The possible causes are as follows.
    1. MDRT has been connected to the OBDII connector with the IGN already turned on.
    2. MDRT has been disconnected from OBDII connector during reprograming.
    3. Engine has been started or IG is turned off during reprograming.
  • MDRT malfunctions.
  • Verify the current file name in the vehicle by log view screen.


Check procedures after reprogramming

Check for DTC and confirm there is no stored DTC.

  • DTC P2610:00 may be stored. If so, please start the engine and clear the DTC. NOTE: DTC U2120:00, U2030:51 or/and U2500:82 (Related DTCs of Forward sensing camera) may be stored and i-ACTIVSENSE warning light (amber) may turn on after driving. These DTCs may not be stored just after reprograming. It may be stored after driving. To avoid stored DTC, you need to put the FSC into sleep mode.


SECTION C. REPLACEMENT OF THE PLG DRIVE UNIT – Dealer Recall Help Approved and Ordered Part


Caution: Please review the supplemental video for this repair.


1. Move both front seats all the way to the front. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. (See NEGATIVE BATTERY TERMINAL DISCONNECTION/CONNECTION [(E)].)


2. Remove the left and right-side assist handles.

– Insert a tape-wrapped flathead screwdriver into the service hole and remove the assist handle covers.

– The assist handle covers need to be pulled straight out from the handles. Do not pry off like a cap.


– Pull the assist handle in the order of arrows (1) and (2) shown in the figure and remove it while detaching the clips.


3. Remove the upper part of the rear door seaming welt partial from the body among the top ceiling, the B-Pillar trim area and the C-Pillar trim area.


4. Remove the B-Pillar upper trim on both sides.

To do so the belt adjuster must be moved to lowest position.


5. Fold the rear seat bench down.


6. Remove the rear package tray.


7. Pull both sides of the trunk side upper trim in the order of arrows (1 ), (2), and (3) shown in the figure, and remove it while detaching the clip and hooks.

Note: It is not necessary to peel back the weatherstrip.


8. Disconnect the cargo room light connector. (LH only)


9. Disconnect the speaker connector. (with Bose®)


10. Pull both sides of the C-pillar trim in the direction of the arrow in the order of (1 ), (2) while detaching clip A, clips B, clips C and clips D.

Note : It is not necessary to peel back the weatherstrip.

NOTE:- Clips (R part) must be replaced at C-pillar trim and trunk side upper trim.


11. Peel up the weatherstrip slightly from the headliner to locate the rear headliner clips. but avoid removing from the body.


RH side, there is the clip next to the bundled wire harness.


12. It is not necessary to peel back the weatherstrip completely.


13. Detach the rear of the top ceiling from the roof panel on both sides. To detach insert a flat lever or similar tool between top ceiling and roof panel, and carefully release the two red clips. Do not pry against the wire harness (RH)


Detached top ceiling at its rear end


Caution: The headliner must not be lowered more than 5.0 cm or 1.97 inches between the headliner and weatherstrip seam for this next step! If you exceed 5.0 cm or 1. 97 inch, the headliner will deform, break, or wrinkle. Damage to the headliner is not covered under this recall or warranty.


14. Remove the PLG drive unit connector for the affected side.

Location of the connector


15. Hold the headliner with one hand and remove the connector with other hand.

Do not lower more than 1.97″ or 5 cm!


16. Remove the grommet of PLG drive un-it.


17. Peel back the grommet rubber first, then release the 4 claws detailed in the photo with 4 circles using a remover. Then remove the wiring harnesses from the body panel.

Remove the grommet rubber by fingers if possible. If it’s difficult, do not use a screwdriver to remove it but use pliers instead:


Warning: Remove the PLG drive unit securing band using two people, one person supports the liftgate. If the PLG drive unit securing band is removed without supporting the liftgate, it may fall off or close suddenly and cause injury.


18. Have a second person to hold and secure the open liftgate during loosening and replacing the PLG drive unit in the actual position.


19. Insert a removal tool into the position shown in the figure. Move the removal tool in the direction of the arrow shown in the figure and remove the securing band.

NOTE: It is not necessary to remove and replace the bracket


20. Remove the PLG drive unit (with affected LOT number) and install new updated PLG drive unit.


21. Install in the reverse order of removal.

– Make sure the headliner has no damage (or wrinkle) around assist handle, or interference with the trim after installation.




1. Fill out a blue “Campaign Label” (9999-95-065A-06) with Campaign No: “4621B”, your dealer code, today’s date.


2. Affix it to the hood or bulkhead as shown:


3. Return the vehicle to customer.


Recall Campaign 4621B



The power liftgate may partially lower unexpectedly from the fully opened position when the vehicle is parked facing uphill on a slope in high ambient temperature. If the power liftgate partially lowers while a person is accessing the rear storage area of the vehicle, they may unexpectedly hit the liftgate and increase the risk of injury. There is no risk of the liftgate unexpectedly lowering completely as a result of this defect.


Causal factor:

Due to an improper frictional retaining force of certain power liftgate drive motor units, as well as a reduction in liftgate support spring force in high ambient temperature conditions, the power liftgate may slowly lower slightly from the fully opened position when parked on certain uphill slope.



The power liftgate drive units on both sides will be checked for the product lot numbers.

If the power liftgate drive unit has the affected lot number, it will be replaced with an improved part. And the power liftgate control unit will be reprogrammed with modified software, using a MDRT.

Please refer to the Repair Procedure document on MGSS for further details.



After the reprogramming of control unit, the power liftgate may feel heavier when closing by hand. There is no difference with the close operation using the switch.



Models Subject VIN range Subject production date range

built at MMVO

3MVDM**** LM 100116-140310

3MVDM**** MM  200017 – 232944

From October 1, 2019 through

November 24, 2020

The asterisk symbol”*” can be any letter or number.



Mazda will notify U.S. owners by first class mail no later than April 17, 2021.



Description Part Number Quantity Note
Power Lift Gate SIider (R) D FR7- 62- 6EXD * 1 Necessary only if the power liftgate drive unit (power lift gate slider) has affected lot number
Power Lift Gate Slider (L) D FR7- 63- 6EXD * 1
Fastener (for trunk side upper trim)

Fastener (for C-pillar trim)

E120-68-AB1 2
KD53-56-399 2
Assist handle cover BCJH-69-472A-75 0-4 Necessary only if the cover is damaged during repair
Campaign Label 9999-95-065A-06 1=50


Obtain in Mazda e-Store

(no charge)


* If parts are needed, fill out the Dealer Recall Help form on MXConnect indicating the “no good” serial number and VIN. Once confirmed the DAG will place an order for the parts needed and provide the Sales Order#.




The control unit reprograming under this recall 4621 Band SSPCS can be completed at a time using one MORT. Because of this, the warranty information has been individually established for the vehicles involved in both recall 4621Band SSPCS and for the vehicles involved in recall 4621B only.


Please refer to the table below for the applicable process number of each case.

Vehicles affected by: Required claim submission. (Applicable Process number)
Recall 4621Band SSPCS AM006A and AMOOSA
Recall 4621B only AM006A


For CX-30 vehicles involved in Both Recall 4621Band SSPCS: 

Liftgate drive units

Both sides OK

Liftgate drive unit:

One side affected

Liftgate drive units:

Both sides affected

–   Inspection

–   Reprogramming

–   Inspection

–   Replacement (one side)

–   Reprogramming

–   Inspection

–   Replacement (both sides)

–   Reprogramming

Process Number AM006A AM006A AM006A
Symptom Code 99 99 99
Damage Code 99 99 99
Causal Part Number & Quantity  


DFR7-62-6EXD & 1


DFR7-63-6EXD & 1

DFR7-62-6EXD & 1
Related Part Number & Quantity E1 20-68-AB1 & 2

1<D53-56-399 & 2

DFR7-63-6EXD & 1

E120-68-AB1 & 2

1<D53-56-399 & 2

Labor Hours 0.2 0.7 0.8

NOTE: Please submit a separate warranty claim for SSPCS with Process Number AMOOSA.


For CX-30 vehicles involved in Recall 4621 B only (NOT involved in SSPCS):

Liftgate drive units

Both sides OK

Liftgate drive unit:

One side affected

Liftgate drive units:

Both sides affected

– Inspection

– Reprogramming

– Inspection

– Replacement ( one side)

– Reprogramming

– Inspection

– Replacement (both sides)

– Reprogramming

Process Number AM006A AM006A AM006A
Symptom Code 99 99 99
Damage Code 99 99 99
Causal Part Number & Quantity 7777-SP-T07 DFR7-62-6EXD & 1


DFR7-63-6EXD & 1

DFR7-62-6EXD & 1
Related Part Number & Quantity E120-68-AB 1 & 2

KD53-56-399 & 2

DFR7-63-6EXD & 1

E120-68-AB 1 & 2

KD53-56-399 & 2

Labor Hours 0.3 0.7 0.8



Mazda recommends the usage of the MCVP loaner vehicle when available. If all MCVP loaner vehicles are in use and unavailable, and the customer needs a rental car, then use your local rental facility and offer a rental car. Be sure that every effort is made to repair the car within one business day or less, so the next customer can receive the same experience.


Rental Car Warranty Claim Information

MCVP Vehicle Preferred Rental Agency Vehicle
Warranty Type Code N/ A

MCVP does not require claim submission

Symptom Code 99
Damage Code 99
Part Number Main Cause 5555-46-21 BR
Part Quantity 0
Labor Operation Code MM024XRX
Labor Hours 0
Sublet – Rental Car
Sublet Invoice Number Number from Rental Invoice or Dealer Purchase Order
Sublet Type Code Enter “Z9” ( other)
Sublet Amount Up to $30.00 per day for the number of days customer had rental car
Sublet Text Number of days rental car was supplied to customer

Rental expenses exceeding the two-day limit will require prior Warranty Department Authorization, as outlined in the Mazda Rental Car Reimbursement Program policy.


Chronology of Defect


Power liftgate may partially lower on MY 2020 through MY2021 CX-30


November 18, 2019: Mazda received first field report of “Power liftgate doesn’t stay fully opened if vehicle was parked uphill” from outside of the US market.


December 10, 2019: As a result of the incident investigation, it was found that the incident occurred when the concerned vehicle was parked on a steep uphill grade where the slope angle was beyond the limit of vehicle specification. Mazda judged this was a rare case and decided to monitor the occurrence of similar incidents in the field.


July through August, 2020: Mazda received several field reports from outside of the US market, reporting “Power liftgate does not stay fully opened.” Mazda collected the involved power liftgate drive unit parts from the field and began an investigation into the root cause.


September, 2020: Mazda and the part supplier identified the root cause of this issue. It was found that the minimum retaining force specification of the power liftgate drive unit during liftgate operation was too low. Also, when vehicles are parked on steep uphill inclines and the power liftgate is operated in high ambient temperature, the support spring elasticity in the power liftgate drive unit may be reduced. These combined factors may cause the power liftgate drive unit retaining force to degrade and reduce the ability  to keep the liftgate fully opened.


September through November, 2020: Mazda decided to implement two countermeasures for mass production to improve the power liftgate performance. One was to implement a closed circuit in the power liftgate control module to apply increased power liftgate drive motor unitretaining force for supporting the opened liftgate. The other is to change the minimum limit of the specification for retaining force of the power liftgate drive unit.


November 25, 2020: Mazda implemented the above countermeasures on CX-30 for the U.S market.


December, 2020 through January, 2021: Mazda considered proper solutions to eliminate this failure in the field and developed repair methods. Also, Mazda determined the subject coverage of the affected vehicles with this failure in the field. Mazda had not received field reports of this defect from the U.S. market up to this time.


February 15, 2021: Mazda held a Quality Audit Committee meeting to review all available information to date, and out of an abundance of caution, determined to conduct a proactive field action on certain MY2020 and MY2021 CX-30 vehicles in the U.S. No accidents or deaths have been reported as a result of this defect.


2 Affected Products


MAZDA CX-30 2020-2021


14 Associated Documents

Recall Quarterly Report #1, 2021-2

RCLQRT-21V086-9480.PDF 211.149KB




RMISC-21V086-3518.pdf 14.684KB



Defect Notice 573 Report

RCLRPT-21V086-8341.PDF 214.362KB



Recall Acknowledgement

RCAK-21V086-5781.pdf 782.978KB



Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-21V086-4213.pdf 603.027KB



Miscellaneous Document – PARTS AND WARRANTY INFORMATION Recall Campaign 4621B

RMISC-21V086-0170.pdf 904.858KB



ISSUED Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)- Spanish Version

RCONL-21V086-7805.pdf 336.132KB



Manufacturer Notices(to Dealers,etc)- Mazda Dealer Email

RCMN-21V086-3110.pdf 375.748KB



Miscellaneous Document – PARTS AND WARRANTY INFORMATION Recall Campaign 4621B

RMISC-21V086-3116.pdf 960.697KB



ISSUED Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)

RCONL-21V086-2277.pdf 753.06KB



Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-21V086-4144.pdf 2764.278KB



Manufacturer Notices(to Dealers,etc) – 4621B Dealer Letter Launch

RCMN-21V086-7472.pdf 624.027KB



Manufacturer Notices(to Dealers,etc)

RCMN-21V086-9199.pdf 1140.605KB



Recall Quarterly Report #3, 2021-4

RCLQRT-21V086-3338.PDF 211.332KB



Latest Recalls Documents




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  • Color:Black
  • Dimension:Length: 3cm Width: 1.7cm
  • Button diameter:1.1cm
Bestseller No. 10
Dorman 901-156 Liftgate Release Switch Compatible with Select Cadillac / Chevrolet / GMC Models
  • Direct replacement - this liftgate release switch is made to match the fit and performance of the original switch on specific vehicle applications
  • Ideal solution - this switch is a reliable replacement for an original part that has failed due to fatigue
  • Durable construction - this part is made from quality materials to ensure reliable performance and long service life
  • Trustworthy quality - backed by team of product experts in the United States and more than a century of automotive experience
  • Ensure fit - to make sure this part fits your exact vehicle, input your make, model and trim level into the garage tool

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