Power Window System Initialization Procedure – 2006-2016 Mazda

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If the following operations have been performed, initial setting is reset, and auto up/down and two-step down operation are disabled. Therefore, performing initial setting is necessary.

  • Negative battery cable disconnected or power window system power supply fuse removed. (perform initial setting for the switches of all seats.)
  • Power window switch connector disconnected. (Perform initial setting for the switch connected with the connector.)
  • Prolonged open/close operation of the power window main or sub switches causes the circuit breaker to activate and automatic operation is disabled.


The driver-side power window initialization procedure can be performed only using the power window main switch.

The passenger-side power window initialization procedure can be performed using the power window main switch and subswitch (Passenger side).

If the power window initialization procedure is not completed, the power window (Driver and passenger sides) does not operate automatically. Each power window can be operated only in manual operation.


  1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
  2. Press the switch of each window and fully open the door glass.
  3. Pull the switch of each window to the manual-up position to fully close the door glass, and keep holding the switch up at the position for approx. 2 seconds.


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