Squeaking/Grinding Noise from Rear Brakes – 2014-2016 Mazda3

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2014-2016 Mazda3 vehicles with VINs starting with JM1


Squeaking/grinding noise from the rear brake even after the brake pedal is released.


Upon inspection, the caliper mounting support is corroded and one of the disc pad is abnormally worn out (A).

This is caused by vehicle usage in an area using road salt. The surface of the mounting support may swell from corrosion causing premature disc pad wear and brake noise.

disc pad is abnormally worn out (A)

To correct the problem, an improved caliper mounting support has been newly established as a service part. The anti-corrosion surface treatment has been changed from Zn to Zn-Ni plating.



  1. Verify that the caliper mounting support(s) is corroded and the disc pad(s) is abnormally worn out.
  2. Replace the caliper mounting supports (both sides) with the modified service parts sets and attachments with new parts according to the instructions on MS3 online or the Workshop Manual (section 04-11).

NOTE: Replace the disc plate(s) additionally if damaged by the completely worn out disc pad.

CAUTION: When installing the modified mounting support (A), tighten the installation bolts (B) with the upper limit of the tightening torque specified in the Workshop Manual (6.6 Nm, 48 ft-lbf, 6.7 kgfm).

modified mounting support (A), installation bolts (B)



Part Number Description Qty. Notes
B4YG-26-28X Mounting Support Set 2 Newly established service parts set that includes: 1 mounting support, 2 slide pins and 2 dust boots.
B4Y0-26-43ZB Rear Brake Pad and Attachment Set 1 Newly established service parts set that includes: pad sub set (B4Y0-26-48ZB) and pad attachment (B4Y0-26-49ZA).
B4Y0-26-48ZB Pad Sub Set 1 DO NOT use these separate parts. Use the new part set as B4Y0-26-43ZB.
B4Y0-26-49ZA Pad Attachment 1
B45G-26-251A Disc plate 1 or 2 Replace if damaged.






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