Mazda Guidelines for Factory Scheduled Maintenance – 1995-2016 Mazda

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1995-2009 B-Series 1997-2006 MPV 2003-2016 Mazda6 2006-2016 MX-5
1997-2003 Protege 2001-2011 Tribute 2016 CX-3 2004-2011 RX-8
1997-2005 Miata 2011-2016 Mazda2 2013-2016 CX-5
1997-2002 626 2004-2016 Mazda3 2007-2012 CX-7
1997-2002 Millenia 2006-2016 Mazda5 2007-2016 CX-9


Mazda has developed factory recommended scheduled maintenance services that support all major vehicle systems. Mazda recommends to follow the scheduled maintenance tables as cited in the vehicle-specific workshop manual or owner’s manual.


Services performed outside of Mazda’s factory scheduled maintenance are not recommended. These services are unnecessary and create unneeded expenses for your customers.


Refer to the applicable Workshop Manual or Owner’s Manual for vehicle -specific manufacturer scheduled maintenance.

  • Workshop Manual – Refer to section 00-00 SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE.
  • Owner’s Manual – Refer to section 8 Maintenance and Care.

NOTE: The following services are not included in Mazda’s Factory Scheduled Maintenance:

Service Notes
Transmission flushes
  • Transmission flushing is recommended if the customer accidentally adjusted the transmission level using an incompatible type of fluid.
Transmission oil additives
  • Transmission oil additives could (under certain conditions) lead to internal damage and void the warranty.
Engine flushes
  • Engine oil flushes are unnecessary.
  • Contaminated oil from flushing machines may damage the engine and void the warranty.
Engine oil additives
  • These additives could (under certain conditions) lead to engine damage, prevent piston rings from sealing, and void the warranty.
Engine cooling system flushing
  • Mazda recommends coolant replacement starting at 100,000 miles of service on some vehicles and 2 years on others, depending on the model.
  • Flushing the coolant system is only recommended if the customer accidentally adjusted the coolant level using an incompatible type of coolant.
  • Flushing machines that recondition? the existing coolant should never be used. This procedure cannot completely reverse the chemical deterioration that occurs to the coolant during use.
Cleaning of injectors
  • Cleaning injectors without an actual power related complaint from the customer, does not improve engine performance.
  • Fuel injector malfunctions should only be repaired by replacement.
Nitrogen for tires
  • Compressed air contains approximately 80 percent nitrogen.
  • There is no practical value added from filling tires with nitrogen.
Brake fluid flushes
  • Brake fluid flushing should only be performed when instructed by Workshop Manual or any other Mazda publication.
  • Contaminated fluid from flushing machines may damage the brake system and void the warranty.
Power Steering fluid flushes



Only use Factory Recommended Fluids. The fluid application chart can be found on MXConnect.


NOTE: Mazda Engine Oil Program Castrol fluids are also approved for Mazda’s Factory Scheduled Maintenance.

WARRANTY COMPLIANCE NOTE: Failure to use the recommended fluids may cause component damage and void the warranty.


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