Sulfur Smell or ‘Rotten Egg’ Odor from Exhaust – 1995-2016 Mazda

MULTI-MODEL – SULFUR SMELL FROM EXHAUST SYSTEM APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINS 1995-2009 B-Series 2001-2006 Tribute 2006-2015 Mazda5 1997-2003 Protege 2008-2011 Tribute 2007-2012 Mazda CX-7 1997-2005 Miata 2003-2016 Mazda6 2007-2016 Mazda CX-9 1997-2002 626 2004-2016 Mazda3 2011-2014 Mazda2 1997-2002 Millenia 2004-2011 Mazda RX-8 2013-2016 CX-5 1997-2006 MPV 2006-2016 Mazda MX-5 2016 CX-3   On some vehicles, a sulfur … Read more

Unusual Rattle/Buzzing Noise from Exhaust – 2010-2015 Mazda CX-9

2010-2015 CX-9 – UNUSUAL RATTLE / BUZZ TYPE NOISE FROM PRE-SILENCER APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINS 2010-2015 CX-9   Unusual rattle/buzzing type noise from the presilencer when driving at approximately 1800 rpm.   The lower (rear-side) of the pre-silencer may be thermally deformed due to insufficient rigidity (fewer weld spots). The deformed portion may resonate exhaust gas pulsations, … Read more

Exhaust Emission Standards – Emission Recall 8415G – 2010-2011 Mazda3

TO: All Mazda Dealership General Managers, Service Managers, and Parts Managers DATE: August 2015 SUBJECT: 2010-2011 Mazda3 PZEV equipped with 2.0L LF engine Nonconformity to Exhaust Emission Standards – Emission Recall 8415G Mazda Motor Corporation has decided to conduct an Emission Recall Campaign to reprogram the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) on certain 2010-2011 Mazda3 PZEV … Read more