Mazda Connect Software Version 55.00.760 Avaliable – 2014-2016 Mazda

2016 Mazda6

SA51 Title MAZDA CONNECT SOFTWARE VERSI ON SS.00 .7 60 AVAILABLE   Content MAZDA CONNECT SOFTWARE VERSION 55.00.760 AVAILABLE Mazda Connect software version 55.00.760 is now available on MS3. Use this version for all MAZDA CONNECT updates, including OPEN SSP98 vehicles. If SSP98 is CLOSED, use TSB 09–024/16 to repair the vehicles. Click on ” … Read more

Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Service Caution – 2016 Mazda CX-5 & Mazda6

2016 Mazda CX-5

SA130 Title 2016 MAZDA6, 2016 CX-5 – ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKE (EPB) SERVICE CAUTION Content 2016 MAZDA6, 2016 CX-5 – ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKE (EPB) SERVICE CAUTION When performing service on the Electric Parking Brake (EPB) system, be aware that some EPB parts require unique removal/replacement procedures. If the vehicle is delivered to the customer with incomplete … Read more

Audio / Infotainment System Service Information – 2004-2016 Mazda

2016 Mazda6

Subject: AUDIO / INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM SERVICE INFORMATION Bulletin No: 09-030/15 Last Issued: 08/07/2015   BULLETIN NOTE This bulletin supersedes the previous bulletins 09-028/12 issued on 10/19/2012, 08/10/12 and 07/27/12, 09-022/11 issued on 09/01/2011 and 09-074/09 issued on 11/13/2009. The APPLICABLE  and DESCRIPTION have been revised. Changes are noted below in Red beside the change bar. … Read more

Active Driving Display Caution – 2014-2016 Mazda

2016 Mazda6

MTI1036 Multi-model – (with active driving display) Active Driving Display Caution (Update)   Some customers may claim that it is impossible or difficult to view the Active Driving Display, even if the position of the display is adjusted through the Settings screen. This is caused by an incorrectly learned zero-point (closed position) of the Active … Read more

All Skyactive Models – Oil Filter Application – 2013-2016 Mazda

2016 Mazda6

REFERENCE NO: RF-16-03 SUBJECT: ALL SKYACTIV MODELS – OIL FILTER APPLICATION DATE: May 4, 2016     The 2016 CX-9 with the SKYACTIV-G 2.5T engine requires a unique oil filter (PY8W-14-302) which is NOT interchangeable with other SKYACTIV oil filters. The unique oil filter can be identified with two white bands as shown below.   CAUTION: … Read more