Rattle / Pop Noise from Instrument Panel and/or a Creak Noise from A-Pillar – 2013-2015 Mazda CX-5

2013-2015 CX-5 – RATTLE / POP NOISE FROM INSTRUMENT PANEL AND/OR CREAK NOISE FROM A-PILLAR OVER ROUGH / BUMPY ROADS APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINS 2013-2015 CX-5 vehicles with VINs of JM3KE******514170 or lower (produced before July 31, 2014)   While driving over rough or bumpy roads, some vehicles may exhibit a rattle / pop noise from the … Read more

Rattle, Snap, Pop or Crack Noise from A-Pillar – 2014-2015 Mazda3

2016 Mazda3

Subject: NOISE FROM BOTTOM OF A-PILLAR Bulletin No: 09-025/16 Last Issued: 04/19/2016   BULLETIN NOTE This bulletin supersedes the previously issued bulletin(s) listed below. The changes are noted below in Red beside the change bars. Previously Issued TSBs: Date(s) Issued 09-003/15 01/14/15 09-001/14 01/08/14, 03/28/14 and 08/01/14   APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINS 2014-15 Mazda3 (Japan built) with … Read more