Creaking Noise from Front of Vehicle Over Bumps – 2013-2016 Mazda

2016 Mazda6

2013-2016 CX-5 AND 2014-16 MAZDA6 – CREAKING NOISE FROM FRONT LOWER CONTROL ARM BUSHINGS APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINS 2013-2016 CX-5 2014-2016 Mazda6   Creaking noise from under the front of the vehicle when driving over bumps. The noise occurs at approx. 12 – 25 mph (20 – 40 Km/h) when the road surface is wet or after … Read more

Rattle, Snap, Pop or Crack Noise from A-Pillar – 2014-2015 Mazda3

2016 Mazda3

Subject: NOISE FROM BOTTOM OF A-PILLAR Bulletin No: 09-025/16 Last Issued: 04/19/2016   BULLETIN NOTE This bulletin supersedes the previously issued bulletin(s) listed below. The changes are noted below in Red beside the change bars. Previously Issued TSBs: Date(s) Issued 09-003/15 01/14/15 09-001/14 01/08/14, 03/28/14 and 08/01/14   APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINS 2014-15 Mazda3 (Japan built) with … Read more

Blower Motor Speeds 1-3 INOP – 2013-2015 Mazda CX-5

2013-2015 CX-5BLOWER MOTOR SPEEDS 1 – 3 ARE INOPERATIVE APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINS 2013-2015 CX-5 vehicles equipped with a manual air conditioning system OR without air conditioning. Vehicles (only equipped with manual A/C or without A/C) may exhibit a blower motor that only operates in the highest speed (4th) and does not operate at speeds … Read more

TPMS Warning Light On – 2014-2016 Mazda6

2014-2016 MAZDA6TPMS WARNING LIGHT ON APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINS 2014-2015 Mazda6 vehicles (except Canada and Mexico) with VINs between JM1 GJ1 ****** 224859-225009 (produced between November 27, 2014 – December 01, 2014) 2016 Mazda6 vehicles with VINs between JM1 GJ1 ****** 400011-412885 (produced between November 24, 2014 – February 11, 2015)   Except Canada and … Read more

Noise from Clutch Release Cylinder – 2004-2009 Mazda B-Series

2004-2009 B-SERIES (M/T) – NOISE FROM CLUTCH RELEASE CYLINDER WHEN CLUTCH IS ENGAGED / DISENGAGED   APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINS 2004-2009 B-Series equipped with manual transmission Squeaking noise when engaging or disengaging the clutch. This may be due to the interface between the clutch release cylinder and the clutch fingers. The noise may be duplicated by cycling … Read more