Safety and Emissions Recall 4520F: 2020 Mazda CX-30 AWD Fuel Leak from Rear of Vehicle

2020 Mazda CX-30

June 12, 2020 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 20V347000 Disconnected Vent Hose May Cause Fuel Leak A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source may increase the risk of a fire. Additionally, the engine may stall while driving, increasing the risk of a crash.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 20V347 Manufacturer Mazda North American Operations Components FUEL SYSTEM, GASOLINE … Read more

Rattle Noise from Rear of Vehicle While Driving – 2004-2016 Mazda

2016 Mazda6

MTI1032 Multi-model Rattle noise from rear of vehicle while driving Some customers may complain about a rattle type noise coming from the rear of the vehicle when driving on rough roads. This may be caused by a loose spare tire jack. If the jack is not secured properly, a rattle type noise may occur while … Read more

Vibration During Acceleration and/or Noise Coming from Rear of Vehicle – 2007-2015 Mazda CX-9

2007-2015 CX-9 AWD – NOISE FROM REAR DIFFERENTIAL MOUNT(S) APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINS 2007-2015 CX-9 AWD with VINs lower than JM3TB****** 468329 (produced before Aug. 1, 2015)   Vibration during acceleration and/or noise coming from the rear of the vehicle.   Due to environmental heat and heat from the exhaust system, the rear differential mounting rubber may … Read more

Rattle Noise from Rear of Vehicle – 2015 Mazda CX-5

2015 CX-5 – RATTLE NOISE FROM REAR OF THE VEHICLE If you encounter a complaint of an unusual rattle noise coming from the rear of the vehicle, inspect the rear spoiler for looseness.   If the rear spoiler mounting nuts are coming loose, add Three Bond Anaerobic Adhesive [easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B00230HCO2″ key=”small-light” locale=”US” tag=”mazdaoemdtc-20″] (or equivalent) … Read more